January 3, 2023

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Meet Maggie!

Maggie El Naamani returned to FirstXFounder as a full-time team member in February 2023, having previously acted as a consultant for the organization from 2018-2020. She is the Senior Program Coordinator of the ABCT program, leading operations and event coordination for the CT based accelerator program. Maggie began her career in higher education where she served in various roles, concluding as the Associate Director of International Admissions at Sacred Heart University. Her academic background is in business and anthropology and she has a special interest in cultural competency in the workplace.

Ask Maggie about exciting events happening in Connecticut at maggie@firstxfounder.com!

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Mark Your Calendar

Jan. 22, 2024: 8:00AM-10:00AM, 100 College St., New Haven, CT
Jan. 31, 2024 8:00AM-10:30AM - 360 Hamilton Ave, White Plains, NY
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Alexey Melnick on Oct. 28, 2021. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Alexey Melnik, Arome

Diagnostic | Autoimmune, Inflammation

Entered into a research and development partnership agreement with Thorne HealthTech


Neetika Ashwani, KRIASH

Medical Device | Healthcare Management

Won first place in the Career Design Lab - Columbia University Greater Good Challenge 2023
Joe Landolina

Joe Landolina, Cresilon

Medical Device | Biomaterials

Joined New York City Mayor Eric Adams as he signed renewed biotech tax credit bill

Linh Lee, Piezobiomembrane

Therapeutic | Regenerative Medecine

Accepted at Uconn TIP
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Justine Witzke, Aligneage Fertility

Healthcare Delivery | Women's Health

Clinic licensed by the New York State Department of Health and registered with FDA

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2024 Cohorts!"


Bobbianne Elizabeth, Tenacity Art

Tenacity Art, developed the VR/EMDR app, offering immersive 3D therapy to patients. For clinicians, it includes a real-time trauma treatment database and a machine learning BE.Well algorithm for home-based mental health treatment.

Courtney Rowe, M.D., Kelly Burke, Ph.D., Christopher Foster, Pain Relief Film
CT Children's

Biodegradable implantable pain film to deliver targeted, sustained, opioid-free local anesthetics for postoperative pain control.

Joseph Gennaro, Ph.D, Exoscope

Exoscope is developing a liquid biopsy-based diagnostic to enable precision treatment of acute rejection in heart transplant patients.

Joshua Gilmore, Social Health Passport

Social Health Passport (SHP) is an end users and social service providers platform to share information and resources to support their client’s social mobility and self-sufficiency

Julien Berro, Ph.D. & Yuan Ren, Ph.D.

Biosensors for Force-Based Diagnostics and Therapeutics.

Ming Hui, Mobabbi

First complete potty training solution that teaches babies to use the potty at an earlier age using sound association.

Mustafa Khokha, M.D., Victory Genomics

Victory Genomics uses the latest in genomics technologies to advance horse health, welfare, and performance.

Ons M'Saad, Ph.D., Panluminate

Panluminate is developing pan-OptiX, a tissue analytics platform which allows scientists to identify new disease biomarkers and catalog the cellular signatures underlying fundamental drug interactions.

Prisca Obi, Virtus Therapeutics

Virtus Therapeutics is actively developing a new class of small-molecule activators for treatment of propionic acidemia, a rare metabolic disease.

Vanessa Sena & Helen Wu, My Local Chef

Our personalized nutrition program integrates the expertise of dietitians and the culinary artistry of our chefs. We individualize patient care through tailored Medical Nutrition Therapy.

Anita Lee, Digital Twin for Humans

Digital Twin for Humans uses conversational and generative AI to assess, identify, and address health and social service needs throughout a person’s lifetime.

Ariel Yusupov

Our gene therapy, currently focused on prostate cancer, utilizes over-expressing factors in cancer to drive a multi-modal attack, designed to prevent resistance and more aggressive disease.

Daniel Gareau, SurgiVance

SurgiVance is advanced surgical pathology to drive better cancer care. Our objective is to solidify the business development plan for our product in pathology markets including specialty surgery.

Evris Gavathiotis

Our technology encompasses a novel small molecule therapeutic strategy that exhibits broad efficacy in diverse cancers, aiming to advance to clinical stage.

Glen Prusky, Gaze Engine
Weill Cornell

An efficient methodology to measure the visual contrast sensitivity function, which promises to replace visual acuity measures as the standard for routine vision assessment.

Hourinaz Behesti,
Hebbian Bio

Hebbian Bio is building a personalized technology platform to develop first-in-class therapeutics for patients with currently untreatable neurodevelopmental/psychiatric disorders.

Illia Popov, ComeBack Mobility

ComeBack Mobility has developed a Smart Crutch Tips IoT device & mob apps that let patients know how to apply the right amount of force to the recovering limb + remote therapeutic monitoring service for providers. It reduces the number of revision surgeries, expediting recovery for 8 weeks & improving healing with additional revenue for practices.

Katia Rojas, Suabix

Suabix is a groundbreaking startup that seamlessly integrates the fit-for-purpose maturity framework Successful Human Factors 2.0, with cutting-edge AI technology. It empowers healthcare product development with needed guidance for the optimization of human factors/usability projects.

Kirsten Hund Blair & Kevin McClarren, Lambent

Lambent’s software equips healthcare/social service providers and empowers patients/clients, to improve outcomes in health and Social Drivers of Health and reduce healthcare costs.

Michael Beaton

A mobile app that can provide contact tracing for sexually transmitted infections using blockchain technology.  Using Lateral Flow Assays to 'token gate' communities and issue NFT badges as a certificate of health to be displayed on online dating sites.

Robin Ji & Elisa Konofagou, Delsona Therapeutics

A portable focused ultrasound system for non-invasive and targeted treatment of neurological diseases.

Zach Sawaged, Concordare

Concordare is a suite of web-application tools that have an exclusive ability to read and write a novel digital clinical trial protocol called a CPTM.

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