About FirstXFounder


FirstXFounder (formerly Design Technologies) was created by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs. Mary Howard, the serial entrepreneur founder, was immeasurably aided by fellow founders in building her ventures. When she founded a corporate spin out that evolved into a venture backed company, her network of founders provided invaluable advice on the the strategy and execution of her start up: from sweat equity to space, from lawyers to funding, from corporate partnering to team building, Mary was helped by the recent experience, honest feedback and relevant perspective of early stage founders and advisers.

When it was time to give back, the opportunity to run entrepreneurship programs for communities arose. In response, Mary started to build a team of experienced entrepreneurs and advisors to share their journey as coaches and mentors with competitively selected emerging ventures aided by a proven curriculum.

In 2011, FirstXFounder began to deliver programs in NJ to life science emerging ventures. Invited to NYC in 2012, FirstXFounders now manages the top four programs in the Metro New York area: ELabNYC, Next Milestone, ABCT and WCBA.

These programs are supported by the top US life sciences law firms, global pharma, the top regional life sciences accounting firm, the largest Metro New York hospital networks, experienced entrepreneurs, mentors, coaches and an Advisory board of entrepreneurs, hospitals and universities and investors coming together to build the Metro New York life sciences industry.

If you would like to become part of this effort, we invite you to join us.

Contact Executive Director Mary Howard at Mary@FirstXFounder.com.